iR3 Headed To St. Louis!

(Photo courtesy of Explore St. Louis)

iR3 is headed to the FIRST Robotics Championship extravaganza in St. Louis this week. We will be supporting our teams, cheering on competitors, oh and demoing some cool new stuff!

In addition to enjoying the fierce competition we plan to loiter around the AndyMark booth from time to time so you may catch us there. If you see us feel free to stop and say hi, take a picture with us or even ask us about our favorite existentialist works, we’re game for just about anything! ( Except maybe free hugs… We enjoy our personal bubbles )

Even if you don’t see us remember to stop by the AndyMark booth and see some of the new Modulox products and accessories in all their Moduloxiness glory.

Modulox Channel Ideas


Now that the Modulox Channel is officially available on we felt we should share some of the ways we think it could be used. The channel is a 6 ft long slotted utility piece of fury! There is very little this guy can’t do when coupled with the Modulox kits and components! You’ve already seen how it can be used to create the basketball shooter to end all shooters!

It can be chopped in half to form a drivetrain rails for a 6-8 wheel tank with lowered center wheel or outside Mechanum.

Oh, or it can be chopped into 6 pieces for 3 gearboxes all capable of gear ratio of around 212:1.

Let us know what you think! Drop us a line in the form below and if you’ve got a cool idea or use that you’d like to share send it our way. Who knows if we like it enough we may just feature it on the site!

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PG71 Modulox Motor Mount!


PG-71 STP FILE (Right Click Save As)

We are proud to introduce a Modulox mounting solution for the PG71 gear motor. Thou asketh and thou shall receiveth.

This little aluminum nugget from the engineering gods (not actually calling ourselves engineering gods, more like the messengers) adds a few more motor options to your Modulox kits for 2012.

The beastly PG71 gear motor from AndyMark Inc. combines a 71:1 planetary gearbox with a RS-775 motor. A mod is also available to use a RS-500 motor.

But, you ask, why would I need more gearing than 71:1? Maybe you need more, maybe you need less, maybe you need a modular mounting solution with the adjustability to optimize your design. Wedk (we don’t know) and wedc (we don’t care). The point is that this little block is going to take you on an adventure of a lifetime and we’re just happy to help make that dream come true.

Currently, we won’t be selling this as an actual product which is why we’ve made the stp and drawing available. To make your own all you will need is an extended blank block and the appropriate moding tools. Worst case you can send the stp over to and have your part within a few days.

Check back frequently because we change our minds daily and who knows, maybe we’ll have this guy on the shelves soon. For now check out the pretty pics and cad files. Let us know what you think in the form below!

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Motors for Modulox


There have been a few questions recently about what motors can be used with a Modulox Gearbox.

The current Modulox kits were optimized around mounting a CIM Motor, but thanks to the wonders of engineering (and the great folks at AndyMark Inc.) by using a Fisher Price Motor Planetary or a Double Doozy planetary gearbox you’re open to a host of new motors. According to their website you’ll be able to use both the Fisher Price motor and a RS-500 series motors with those adapters. Standard Servos are also easy to attach using our Servo Mount Block.

There are many motors that will work with a Modulox gearbox and it is possible to design your own mount using the Extend Blank Block.When it comes to custom mounts, the possibilities are endless. There are some great applications where customers have mounted everything from a Banebot Planetary to a AM Gem Planetary. Don’t believe us?Check out some of these pretty pictures.

Click to view larger images



Modulox Shooter (Updated with Simplified BOM!)

Check out the shooters trajectory tests!

The Modulox Shooter is a fully functional ball shooter that can allow you to prototype, test and finalize launcher design concepts. The Modulox design allows you to quickly change wheel rpm and gearing as well as wheel clamping force and distance to optimize your component and design choices. This design is robust enough to serve as a final solution but modular enough to answer all your questions on the test bench. Make sure to get your Modulox components at AndyMark.Com/Modulox or click the picture below.

This ball shooter was primarily built from a Modulox Channel, Lunchbox Kit, and a few additional Not in a Box components and AndyMark parts. See the full parts list in the drawing below! If you have questions about what motors can be used with Modulox kits check our Motors for Modulox Post!

Check out the BOM Drawing for component list ( We apologize for some items appearing twice with two separate quantities, the part total is correct and we are working to consolidate the list!! )

Modulox Ball Launcher Drawing and BOM


Updated! We’ve simplified the list of components so that it’s a bit easier to order, follow the link to buy.To build a similar shooter here’s what you’ll need:

Option 1:

Option 2 (With plenty of parts left over for further prototyping!):


Note: While iR3 Creative offers Modulox in kits and as a product line, the Modulox Shooter is not intended to be a product and is simply a reference tool and community resource. Please make sure any and all design choices are entirely within competition rules and fit your teams design intent. We are excited to see how everyone improves the design over the course of the season.

If you like this project and want to see more make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @iR3Creative . Check out the news section for some of our past work and feel free to contact us below or email at

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Mechatron Robot Uses Modulox!

If you follow the tech blogosphere, your sure to have come across the Mechatron home defense bot! Mechatron is a robot built by Beatty Robotics and has been featured on MythBusters Blog, IMBD and countless other tech publications. Mechatron’s unique Mechanum drivetrain is powered by 4 Modulox Lunchboxes and supported by a chassis from Mechatrons mechanum drive allows it to strafe in all directions. When combined with a 360 degree turret and a machine pellet gun its a lean, mean, house protecting machine. Check out the video below to see this thing run and check for more information about Modulox check out the product page.