Modulox Channel Ideas


Now that the Modulox Channel is officially available on we felt we should share some of the ways we think it could be used. The channel is a 6 ft long slotted utility piece of fury! There is very little this guy can’t do when coupled with the Modulox kits and components! You’ve already seen how it can be used to create the basketball shooter to end all shooters!

It can be chopped in half to form a drivetrain rails for a 6-8 wheel tank with lowered center wheel or outside Mechanum.

Oh, or it can be chopped into 6 pieces for 3 gearboxes all capable of gear ratio of around 212:1.

Let us know what you think! Drop us a line in the form below and if you’ve got a cool idea or use that you’d like to share send it our way. Who knows if we like it enough we may just feature it on the site!

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Mechatron Robot Uses Modulox!

If you follow the tech blogosphere, your sure to have come across the Mechatron home defense bot! Mechatron is a robot built by Beatty Robotics and has been featured on MythBusters Blog, IMBD and countless other tech publications. Mechatron’s unique Mechanum drivetrain is powered by 4 Modulox Lunchboxes and supported by a chassis from Mechatrons mechanum drive allows it to strafe in all directions. When combined with a 360 degree turret and a machine pellet gun its a lean, mean, house protecting machine. Check out the video below to see this thing run and check for more information about Modulox check out the product page.