Modulox Products

Modulox is a Modular Gearbox system that allows you to customize gearing ratios and output options to fit your needs. The Modulox System is currently sold by components or by kits. The Kit Levels are the Lunch Box, Beat Box, THE Box and Pandora’s Box and are sold exclusively at Check out the teaser video below and click the logos for their purchasing page.


Modulox works on a system of clamping bearings blocks onto a slot plate.

These bearing blocks are then slid in and out of place to allow for different gear spacing. This variability allows for changing of gear ratios and output options.

Lunch Box: A simple Modulox solution that includes one-slot plates.

Beat Box: The medium sized Modulox containing 2-slot plates that allow for high flexibility in a semi-compact form.


The Box: The largest of the three standard Moxulox Solutions, allowing for an extremely high level of flexibility with 3-slot plates. 

Pandora’s Box: This kit includes the hardware to make any combination of gearboxes from the 3 standard kits.