Flex Hub Sprockets

Why worry about which sprockets fits what motor again? With the FlexHub Sprockets an interchangeable hub (FlexHub’s sold seperately here) allows you to apply the sprocket to whatever application is needed. We’ll be adding additional sprocket options over time, for 2013 we have one option for hubbed sprockets seen below. If you need a larger output or receiving sprocket don’t forget to check out our FlexHub Flange. Coupling those two options allow for a large distribution of ratios and motor/gearbox options and are all available on AndyMark.Com

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Tech Specs:

Description: Sprocket, 22 Teeth, FlexHub Bore
Width: .25″
Teeth: 22 Teeth
Pitch Diameter: 1.76″
Bore: Fits all FlexHub (.75″ Hex)
Overall hub and sprocket width: 0.400-.410 inch