FlexHub Flange

These delicious beauties may beĀ reminiscentĀ of honey comb cereal but they serve a much greater purpose. These Spocket Hubs will match any item with a 1.875″ bolt circle and a 1.125″ bore. Oh and don’t trying biting as they bite back. Tech specs below and downloads thereafter.

Download Step File Here (Right Click Save As)

Technical Specs

Material: 6061 – T6 Aluminum
Thickness: .25″
Bore: Fits all FlexHubs.(.75″ Hex)
Bolt Pattern: 1.875″ Slot Circle Diameter for #10 Fasteners.
Description: Sprocket Hub, 1.875″ Slot Circle, FlexHub Bore (.75″ Hex)
Other: Suggested to use washers and lock nuts with mounting to prevent
loosening of bolt heads. The slots allow for flexibility in alignment.