Flex Hub

Remember that one time when you were working on your robot the day before ship and you realized that the gear ratio you’d chosen for that end effector just wouldn’t work. You look over to your programmers and you say ” WE NEED MORE POWER!!! ” and they say ” WE’RE GIVING HER ALL SHE’S GOT!” You scrounge for a gear, any gear that may give you more output torque, and it’s just not happening. Remember that time. Well I bet you wish you had a flex hub at that time.

Flex Hub is the new modular gear hub solution from iR3 Creative. Concept is pretty simple. There is a hub, there is a gear, there are two retaining rings. Put them together into your assembly. If the gear ratio / shaft size / output / whatever isn’t working rinse and repeat with a new hub or gear. Oh and all of our Modulox kits have been updated to fit three of these bad boys side by side. Check out the video if you haven’t already or click either of the banners to buy at AndyMark.com. Check our how we manufacture the hubs in the video below!

Fewer Components. More Modularity. It’s just that simple.

Tech Specs:

Width: .400-.410
Hub Material: 12L14 Steel
Gear Material: 4140 Steel
Bore: .751 Hex Broached Bore
General Info: All Flex Hubs fit all Flex Hub Gears


 Standard Hub Options ( Right Click Save As For Cad File ):

1/2″ Hex Broach
1/2″ Round Bore with 1/8″ Keyway
3/8 Hex Broach
3/8″ Round Bore with 3/32″ Keyway
8mm Round Bore with 2mm Keyway
10mm Round Bore with 4mm Keyway


20 DP, 14.5 PA, 4140 Gears! ( Right Click Save As For Cad File ):

28 Teeth
32 Teeth
35 Teeth
40 Teeth
45 Teeth
48 Teeth
50 Teeth
56 Teeth


Download ALL step files for flex hub (includes parts not yet available for sale)

Flex Hub Flyer