PG71 Modulox Motor Mount!


PG-71 STP FILE (Right Click Save As)

We are proud to introduce a Modulox mounting solution for the PG71 gear motor. Thou asketh and thou shall receiveth.

This little aluminum nugget from the engineering gods (not actually calling ourselves engineering gods, more like the messengers) adds a few more motor options to your Modulox kits for 2012.

The beastly PG71 gear motor from AndyMark Inc. combines a 71:1 planetary gearbox with a RS-775 motor. A mod is also available to use a RS-500 motor.

But, you ask, why would I need more gearing than 71:1? Maybe you need more, maybe you need less, maybe you need a modular mounting solution with the adjustability to optimize your design. Wedk (we don’t know) and wedc (we don’t care). The point is that this little block is going to take you on an adventure of a lifetime and we’re just happy to help make that dream come true.

Currently, we won’t be selling this as an actual product which is why we’ve made the stp and drawing available. To make your own all you will need is an extended blank block and the appropriate moding tools. Worst case you can send the stp over to and have your part within a few days.

Check back frequently because we change our minds daily and who knows, maybe we’ll have this guy on the shelves soon. For now check out the pretty pics and cad files. Let us know what you think in the form below!

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