Modulox Shooter Trajectory Testing!

We’ve designed this basket ball launcher to test shooting concepts on the fly! Building off our last post seen here: Modulox Shooter (Updated with BOM!)

We’ve decided to test some of the best trajectories for long distance shots. Early testing is showing that line drives are difficult to make bouncing off the backboard. Higher trajectory shots are proving to have a higher % of makes because they strike the backboard with less forward velocity.The top of the shooter is 57″ and distance measurements were taken from the front of the shooter to the backboard.

Also notice that we have turned our shooter horizontal for the most recent tests. We have not yet determined the advantages or disadvantages of either configuration.

If you’re curious about how trajectory calculations work check out the great articles and calculators here:

Hyper Physics Trajectory Calculator

Wikipedia Trajectory Article

Note: While iR3 Creative offers Modulox in kits and as a product line, the Modulox Shooter is not intended to be a product and is simply a reference tool and community resource. Please make sure any and all design choices are entirely within competition rules and fit your teams design intent.

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