iR3 Competes in 2014 Robot in 3 Days Challenge

This past weekend iR3 successfully hosted and competed in the Robot in 3 Day challenge. The robot was built at iR3 head quarters and their reveal video can be seen here:

Modulox components were used throughout. Most namely on the teams roller intake and winch gearbox. The team produced a CAD model of their winch gearbox and can be downloaded below. The team will also be modeling their roller intake which utilized Modulox Channel and components.

Download the Rev_2 step file here (Right Click – Save As )

The Robot in 3 Day Challenge is an event coordinated and produced by iR3 Creative Engineering. The event aims to build a robot in under 72 hours to play the current years FIRST Robotics Competition game. This years game, Aerial Assist, requires robots to launch a 2 feet diameter ball eight and a half feet in the air into goals on each end of the field. iR3 is proud to host this competition as it’s aim is to inspire students to move into STEM careers by creating engineering “Rock Stars” which students look up to. For more information check out

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