Modulox Acessories!

Modulox Accessories are coming to an AndyMark.Com store front near you in early January! We are adding to the Modulox Suite an Ecoder Mout Block and Shaft, a Standard Servo Block Mounting Solution, Extended Blank Block and a 6 Slot Modulox Channel solution. Click the product pics below for their product pages and check back frequently for pricing and availability or click the pic to buy at

Extended Blank Block

Servo Block

Modulox Channel

Encoder Mount

Mechatron Robot Uses Modulox!

If you follow the tech blogosphere, your sure to have come across the Mechatron home defense bot! Mechatron is a robot built by Beatty Robotics and has been featured on MythBusters Blog, IMBD and countless other tech publications. Mechatron’s unique Mechanum drivetrain is powered by 4 Modulox Lunchboxes and supported by a chassis from Mechatrons mechanum drive allows it to strafe in all directions. When combined with a 360 degree turret and a machine pellet gun its a lean, mean, house protecting machine. Check out the video below to see this thing run and check for more information about Modulox check out the product page. 

Modulox Launch!

iR3 Creative Engineering is proud to announce Modulox! Modulox is a Modular Gearbox system that allows you to customize gearing ratios and output options to fit your needs. The Modulox System is currently sold by components or by kits. The Kit Levels are the Lunch Box, Beat Box, THE Box and Pandora’s Box and are sold exclusively at Check out the teaser video above and click the logos below for the purchasing page and don’t forget to check the tech specs page to see how it works!